Stand Out When Pitching Editors
Ashley Simpo
Close more writing pitches using Ashley’s template, project tracker, and social media strategies.
By the end of this playbook
<p>This playbook is for writers that want to pitch articles, essays and opinion pieces for digital and print publications at least four times a month. The audience for this playbook is just dipping their toe into the freelance world, has written a handful of articles either for publications or for a personal blog. This playbook is also great for anyone who has experience writing copy (marketing copy, social media copy, etc), but would like to expand into freelance writing. </p>
<p>Ashley Simpo is a freelance writer, children&#39;s book author and editor living in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has been published by Essence, Huffington Post, Insider, Shondaland and Parents Magazine, and she has been profiled and featured in Marie Claire, Self, and The New York Times. As a writer-turned-editor, Ashley has spent the last five years advising and mentoring new writers seeking to establish sustainable careers and has led workshops, masterclasses and developed guidebooks to demystify the writing and pitching process.</p><p>To learn more about Ashley, follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @ashleysimpo or visit her website, <a href=""></a>.</p>
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