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Sales & Marketing
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Getting New Clients

Writing a great scope of work

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Hone Your Freelancing Niche

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Calculate a Healthy and Profitable Hourly Rate

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Nail Your Personal Introduction in Sales Calls

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Set Up Your Business Bank Account

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Develop and Understand Freelancing Contracts

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< Target LinkedIn Connections to Get New Clients
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Chapter 6:

Close the client and get paid

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Build an impactful proposal template

You can make your proposals extremely stylized or straight to the point. It really depends on the client and what you think will resonate with them and make you stand out.

As a freelancer and solopreneur, you have limited time. It is completely reasonable to do the final proposal in a google doc or PDF. If you do this, make sure to add a level of polish.

  • Include your logo and company name
  • Make the content easy to read and scan. For example, each new section should have a clear header