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Private network of peers to learn and build with
Education and resources made for independents
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Quality programming and events
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The premier entrepreneurial
Private network of peers to learn and build with
Education and resources made for independents
The best guidance to move forward
Exclusive data, insights, and deals
Quality programming and events
Seasoned experts to support you
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What's included in the membership?

Pollen is the professional development membership that accelerates your independent career. As a part of your membership, you get access to the curriculum, community, mentors, and tools to help you build a successful and durable independent business.

Curriculum: Expert-led Sprints and Courses on the business side of building an independent career. From Growth Strategy, Brand Strategy, Quarterly Planning, Financial Projections and more. Sprints run on a monthly basis and help you make 6 months worth of progress in 10 days.

Community: Connect with vetted fellow independents through industry groups, community events, forums, and discussions. No spam or self-promotion is allowed.

Mentors: Get guidance and advice from Experts-in-Residence for Pricing, Legal, Brand, Sales, Client Experience and more. Join regular Q&A sessions, learn their frameworks, and get good advice.

Tools: Unlock a pricing database, over $200,000 in discounts to tools, community submitted templates and assets, customizable contracts ($3,000 value), and more.

What’s Pollen’s cancellation and refund policy?

You can cancel anytime, and if you’re not satisfied with your Pollen membership, we’ll honor a full refund within the first 30 days of your purchase.

What are the requirements for membership?

Pollen is a vetted professional development membership for experienced independent operators. Our members have built, scaled, and led companies across many industries and stages. They’ve now gone out on their own to provide consulting, advisory, fractional, and skilled services.

Their expertise focuses on Product, Growth, Marketing, Strategy, Operations, People / HR, Content, Design, or Finance.

Members have previously held senior level roles in their careers, which enables them to go independent. Titles may have included manager, director, senior, VP, department head, or chief level positions.

Now in their independent careers, they’re consultants, advisors, strategists, and business owners. Everyone has had at least a few clients and wants to build something durable — this is not for people who are "just curious" about independence.

The Pollen team reviews every application on an individual basis to determine fit based on experience and the needs of your business.

How much effort does this require?

We know you're busy. We also know that you take your business seriously and are committed to building something durable. Pollen is not a "just add water" solution. We'll go so far to say that all the gimmicks out there promising you instant success are just that — gimmicks. Pollen is here to accelerate your effort, intention, and time spent.

Think of your time in Pollen in 2 ways:

Become more efficient: 1-2 hours spent in Pollen replaces the 5-6 hours you might currently spend searching for the right information, building templates, creating strategies, asking for advice, or correcting mistakes.

Accelerate your progress: When you're in a sprint, expect to spend 2-4 hrs / week working on your business. People say they make 6 months worth of progress in 10 days. Sprints typically last 2 weeks and we recommend participating in 1-2 sprints / quarter.

Pollen is an ecosystem that allows you to get the right information at the right time so you can flex based on your needs. This is more reflective of the reality that your business and time ebbs and flows, and you don't have time for long courses or cohort programs.

Does Pollen offer individualized or group support?

Pollen is a social platform at its core — collective wisdom and multiple perspectives are essential to your success. Sprints, workshops, accountability groups, and the community are built to accelerate your business in a group setting. You can also receive 1:1 attention through regular Q&A sessions with Experts-in-Residence and building relationships within Pollen.

How is this different from other communities?

Pollen is far more than just a community. You get access to a dynamic curriculum, expert mentors, and exclusive tools that are supercharged by the community.

How does Pollen help me make more money?

If you're looking for a "just add water" solution or job marketplace that will hand you leads tomorrow, this isn't for you.

Pollen is for people who are strategically building their businesses to last. We give you the right frameworks, strategies, tools, and support system to help you do so.

Here are a few ways Pollen has unlocked growth for our members:

Building growth plans: Through the Growth Strategy, Brand Strategy, and Strategic Planning sprints, members have set big goals and hit them.

Improved pricing and pitching: Leveraging our pricing database, pricing EIR, pitching templates and sales workshops, some members have increased pricing by 4x and closed bigger clients.

Networking: Your network is your network. People build trusting relationships, work together, and exchange referrals.

New offerings: Members have changed their ICP, provided new offerings, and diversified their revenue streams based on the examples and feedback from Pollen.

Accountability groups: Members participate in support groups that exchange ideas, provide feedback, and make sure you hit your goals.

Are sprints included in the membership?

Yes! Pollen members get access to all the sprints when they're live. We also share recordings of past sprints.

How can I contact the Pollen team?

Get in touch at