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Full example proposal

SEO Project Proposal for a Creative Tools Client

The business problem

After making acquisitions in the 3d and immersive spaces, [COMPANY] is integrating them into the main brand. To generate awareness and organic traffic to these products, [COMPANY] should establish its web presence as an industry leader.

In order to do this, [COMPANY] should pursue an SEO strategy that:

  • Consolidates multiple domains and content portfolios into one

  • Targets high value, relevant, keywords

  • Produces high-quality content, optimized for SEO, that will rank

  • Ensures web technical presence is SEO-friendly

To set the June product launch up for success, [COMPANY] needs a comprehensive SEO content strategy and a clear, actionable roadmap to get from where they are today to a leadership position in the space.‍

The current state

[COMPANY] has leveraged in-house SEO resources for keyword explorations and optimization tactics, but hasn’t seen meaningful results from this work.‍

Neither [COMPANY] nor [NEWCO] pages rank for key head terms that will be high leverage to this product line.

For example:

  • 3D modeling - 27k MSV

  • 3D design - 6.6k

  • 3D design software - 3.6k

  • 3D view - 3.6k

  • 3D texturing - 1.6k

[COMPANY] also lacks a complete picture of the keyword universe it should be competing for in the 3D/AR/VR authoring space.

Where we come in

Rachel Green is an expert content marketer that helps companies scale their business through digital channels. Prior to her consulting work, Rachel started and led the growth teams at Stripe and Pied Piper, where she transformed growth channels through content partnerships, SEO, referral programs, and more.‍

General strategy

With the goal of equipping the [COMPANY] team with clear strategic guidance and a roadmap to success, we will:

1. Take stock of where we are at

  • Audit existing documentation and previous execution

2. Investigate the opportunity available to [COMPANY]

  • Research the entire topic universe available to [COMPANY]’s product offering

  • Perform competitive analysis to see where we can compete and understand content requirements to beat competition

3. Develop a strategy to win

  • Create overall content strategy for editorial, product, and landing pages

  • Define the bounds of SEO topic universe regardless of existing content

  • Identify overlap with existing and give roadmap for updates

  • Recommend best practices for unifying content portfolios

  • Equip [COMPANY] content team with writer briefs that will win target keywords and editorial support to assure quality

Our SEO approach

Winning SEO is about fulfilling a user’s search intent with high-quality content.

  • It starts with keywords

  • Select high-traffic keywords that [COMPANY] can rank and convert users from.

  • Content is key

  • Write high-quality, brand-friendly, content to drive ranking and conversion.

  • Technical SEO as a foundation

  • Ensure technical SEO sets us up for success.

  • Learn and experiment to continue improving

  • Create enough content across a breadth of categories and lean into what works.

Deliverables, budget, and timeline


Our engagement will produce the following deliverables:

  • Market sizing analysis and robust keyword list

  • Content strategy: A detailed strategy document for the team to buy into that charts a path forward

  • Content roadmap: An actionable list of pages to create

  • 10 writer briefs for highest leverage pages, to be executed by [COMPANY] writer team

  • Page architecture and actionable migration recommendations

  • Specific technical SEO recommendations to be implemented by [COMPANY]’s development team (if any)

Total budget

$80,000 project fee

What is not covered in the scope

  • Conversion optimization

  • Content development

  • Page migration execution

  • Technical SEO implementation and execution


  • 8-week timeline from Kickoff to final delivery

Case studies

Strategy and blitzscaling content production

In 2018, [COMPANY] faced increasing customer acquisition costs and an over-reliance on paid social channels. We built an SEO program from scratch—and it became the company’s biggest growth channel.‍

  • 0 to 1200 articles in 9 months

  • 0 page views/day to 6500+/day in 9 months

  • Non-branded traffic is now over 90% of overall website traffic

  • Rank top 3 for multiple competitive head terms

Pilot strategy and experimentation

Operating in a competitive landscape with high CAC, [COMPANY] had to open a new growth channel to grow brand awareness. We piloted and scaled an SEO program that spans multiple categories and drives new marketing and retention efforts.

  • Developed new design system for the brand to support editorial content

  • Improved average ranking for core landing pages from ~30 to ~15

  • 6 months after publishing first cohort of articles, 70% of all traffic to is driven by SEO articles


[COMPANY] is an early-stage startup offering online education in the construction field. In order to keep the price point of their classes low, [COMPANY] needs to drive significant sales through organic channels, so the goal of this project is to create both a traffic flow and a sales pipeline that is low-cost, evergreen and will grow over time. We piloted and scaled an SEO program that is now the biggest driver of traffic to the company’s domain.‍

  • 65 articles developed in 6 months

  • 0 page views/day to 600/day in 6 months, with a low authority score for domain

  • In striking distance for competitive head terms

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