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Finalize your script and practice

Nice, you’re almost there! You’ve learned how to:

  • Prep for a discovery call and put an outcome-focused agenda together.

  • Kick off the discussion and smoothly transition into asking open-ended questions for the remainder of the call. 

  • Discuss important topics such as budget and timeline and decide on the next steps.

Now, it’s time to put it all together! 

Write your final script

Here’s what Alex’s final script looks like:

Hi, [name]. How are you doing? I see you’re based in Buffalo, New York. Did you grow up there?

[their response]

Amazing, I actually have a visit to Niagara Falls planned for the summer. Have you been?

[their response]

That’s amazing to know. So, shall we dive right in? The goal of this meeting is to figure out X and Y to see if it is a good mutual fit.

On the agenda today is the following:‍

To hear an overview of your business, learn about your company’s writing needs, and discuss the current sales page project. I have some questions here to make sure I understand what you need.

Then, I’d love to tell you more about myself at Alex Inc., what I do, and how I can possibly be of service to you. 

Then, of course, I’d be happy to answer any lingering questions you may have or we can solidify next steps.‍

Does that sound okay to you?

[their response]

[Ask questions from your prepared notes]

Great! Thank you for sharing that information. From what I’ve heard, you’re looking to create three new landing pages related to a new product launch with the goal of a 4% conversion rate. You have brand guidelines, unique selling points planned out, and a round of a designer ready to implement the new copy once delivered. Is that the gist of it?

[their response]

Sounds like we’re on the same page – I’d be excited to help you out with this. In my business, I help SaaS businesses craft landing pages complete with creative headlines, persuasive benefit statements, and a compelling call-to-action. I’ve worked with similar companies such as Onboard and Salesforce, helping garner a 3-5% average conversion rate for many of their pages so I’m confident I can help you. I deliver everything in a Google document, so feedback can easily be received from the people you mentioned.

[their response]

It looks like you need a classic landing page which has a flat fee of $1900. It includes research, a strategy call, and copy. How does that sound?

[their response]

What I’d like to do next is send you a formal proposal via email which will include the scope of work, the timeline in greater detail, payment terms, and some previous work I’ve done. Have your team review it and if everything looks good, we can put it in the books for an X start date. Would you like me to include anything else in that email?

[their response]

Great, you should receive it within 48 hours. Thank you so much for your time today – take care!‍

In your workbook, build a final script that covers all the sections we discussed. ‍

Then, practice with someone else

Practice makes perfect, right? If you imagine the majority of your discovery calls will be held online, you’ll want to plan the “mock discovery calls” on the video to get the feel for it.‍

  • Make sure your connection is strong and the lighting is good

  • Make sure there is no echo or excessive background noise

  • Make sure you and the other person have no problem entering the chatroom

  • Check that your background is professional, clean, or blurred (a common option in many online video platforms)

Don’t be afraid to dress up for these calls  – whatever that means to you! Put on a power blazer, light some incense, play some hip-hop music (pre-call), sit up straight, whatever gets you in the zone. How you feel about yourself can take you a long way!

Scenarios to practice

If the client takes control.

Gently but firmly guide them back on track.

Thank you for that information/question. I’ll confirm that later for you. I’d like to jump back to X topic so we can get the information we need during this call.

If they won’t commit to another call or the next steps.

Respect their decision, but let them know that you’ll follow up. 

I understand the timing might not be right for you. I’ll send you my information via email so you have it on hand should anything change, and I’ll follow up with you in X weeks to see if it’s a better time.

If you don’t want to work with them.**‍**

This can happen at any moment during the call. Use the script you wrote in Step 9 to respectfully end it.

Expert tip: You can also switch roles, and play the part of the business. This could help put you in the mindset of what the business will need – and may prepare you for more impromptu questions.

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