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Build your action plan

Ideas are one thing. Bringing them to life is another! In this step, we’ll create a plan, using a template, to implement your new revenue stream. Here are the most common steps related to taking action:

  • Research.

  • Brainstorm possible small steps.

  • Define quarterly goals.

  • Define monthly goals.

  • Put those small steps onto a reasonable timeline.

  • Set up accountability.

Ready to join us? Get your action plan template here.

Make your goals AIM SMART

Many coaches use the AIM SMART framework to help people chase their goals in a way that really works. Here’s what the acronym means:

First, decide on a goal:

  • A - Acceptable: What is the minimum goal?

  • I - Ideal: What’s the maximum (most ideal) goal?

  • M - Middle: What goal would be between those two? ← this is the goal you’ll want to set

Then, consider how you’ll implement the goal:

  • S - Specific: What is the tangible outcome you hope to produce?

  • M - Measurable: What does success look like?

  • A - Achievable: Is this goal possible for you to achieve right now?

  • R - Reasonable: Is the timeline you’ve set, reasonable?

  • T - Time-oriented: When will you complete that first step by?

Consider this acronym and set your goals, timelines, and steps to achieve it. 



Steps to Achieve it

Overarching goals

90 day goal

60 day goal

30 day goal

1 week goal

Add it to your calendar

Once you’ve filled in your action plan, take the key dates and plug them into the calendar. You’ll have much more success chasing down a big goal if you break it down into a doable timeline with reasonable expectations.

Janette’s AIMing SMART

Let’s go back to Janette to consider how she might implement her ebook idea. Here’s her 90-day action plan:

Big goal: In 3 months, or 90 days, Janette would like to have completely written her ebook. She might not be ready to publish it yet, but she wants to know how she’ll publish the book (including which platform she’ll use), how much she’ll charge, and how she might promote the book on a regular basis.

Here’s how that big goal breaks down into an action plan:



Steps to Achieve it

Overarching goals

Write & publish an ebook!

90 day goal

Finish writing ebook, decide where to publish the book, nail down pricing and draft a promotional plan

Polish up the first draft after getting editor feedback.

Sign up for an account on chosen publication platform.

Discuss pricing plan with coach.

Create a promotional plan and discuss with coach.

Set a launch date.

60 day goal

Write the book!

Draft all ebook copy by writing 500 words per day each morning, before work.

Send first draft to the editor by the end of the month.

Research book pricing & create a memo about options.

Compile a brainstorm document that shows ways people promote these books.

30 day goal

Outline the book and decide which platform to publish it on.

Spend one day writing the book outline.

Under each chapter, note research needed. Assign one research topic to each week of this month.

Find an editor (ask friends for recommendations).

Create a long list of places to publish ebooks.

Plan a 2-hour brainstorm session to help make a decision about where to publish.

1 week goal

Start building project momentum through outreach and planning.

Schedule 2 meetings (one with a coach who has experience with building passive revenue streams, and one with a friend who published an ebook last year).

Create and send a survey to ask people what they want to learn about, related to freelancer finances.

Create a list of books & resources that are related to this topic.

Put all of the dates related to this 90 day plan on the calendar.

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