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Set up your services so clients know exactly what you’ve to offer

Highlighting your services is as important as identifying your goals or including a contact button. You want to share your services with potential visitors and make it clear off the bat what you have to offer. 

In this step, we’ll help you clarify what your services are and orient you with how B12 can help you lay this out on your website.

How to make your services stand out 

Here’s the 411 on services  

💡Create a name and description for each of your service offerings or products Remember Wudan Yan’s website? Well, for each of her coaching services, she came up with a creative name and concise description. See below:

💡Make it very clear what prospective client services they would receive if they paid you. This is covered in your service description. If you take a look at Yan’s services, she’s very specific about the duration of each coaching call for each coaching option and what those conversations will cover. 

💡It’s up to you how in-depth you want to get in your service or product descriptions. Trust your gut, you know your services best and how to best communicate the value they have for clients.

Amy has been thinking hard about how to market her services and here’s what she’s come up with:

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Now, you give it a whirl! In your workbook, you’ll find a table to write out your services and a short description. Make sure to hit on the outcome of each offering and how you help your clients achieve this outcome. If you’re stuck, look at Yan and Lemée's services for inspiration. 

In the next step will dive deeper into more of B12 features, including service pages.


  • Learned the importance of service names and descriptions.

  • Wrote your service descriptions.

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