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Pick an invoicing software

When looking for an invoicing tool, you’ll need to consider how clients typically pay you. The standard options are: credit card, ACH transfer, or wire. The invoicing tool you select should have these options. 

Since almost all invoicing tools are the same, personal preference reigns supreme here. The only thing you want to pay attention to in regard to automation is that your tool of choice allows you to connect your business account and once invoices are paid, money is automatically set to be transferred to your business bank account. I recommend Stripe or Bonsai for the purposes of automation. 

I personally use Stripe because it feels flexible and I haven’t had a single issue with it yet. No payments have been delayed and I haven’t had an invoice go unpaid (knock on wood).

To get set up with Stripe:

  1. Go to https://dashboard.stripe.com/register

  2. Create account (name, email, country, password)

  3. To access all financial features, Stripe must verify identification with email, SSN or EIN, phone, address, and date of birth (further verification may be required)

  4. Bank account (for payment deposits)

Once your account is created, you can send invoices to any email address, they’ll receive a copy, and can issue payment via card, ACH, or other selected options.

Bonus automation: Paying off your business credit card → If you set up a business card and use it for regular expenses, set it on autopay. This ensures the balance is paid off each month without you having to remember, which can help avoid costly interest charges and takes one more task off your plate. Since you should be doing regular bookkeeping for your business, you will be able to review any charges from the past months before the payment is made (and your credit card company should send you an email before the payment is scheduled).

Once you have your bank and invoicing tool set up, go get a snack —- you earned it. The first two pieces of the automation puzzle are out of the way.

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