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Identify your brand purpose and mission

This exercise will help you return to all the reasons you created your business in the first place. Once you’re reconnected to your “why” and the steps that got you here, you can begin applying language to the purpose inside of you.

In the end, you’ll condense all of this work into two statements: Your Purpose and Your Mission

Your brand’s purpose is the motivation and drive behind your business. Your purpose is often the reason that you started the business in the first place. 

Your brand’s mission is the idealized outcome — the best version of your business — the improved version of the world because of your business, and the client success you’re at the helm of.

Your brand purpose and mission combined are your “why”. This “why” connects you to your audience, solidifies your unique story in its mind, and highlights why you’re the best choice for the work you’ve been hired to do.

Note: Brand purpose and mission statements aren’t often the public-facing taglines we’re used to seeing. Instead, it’s an internal guiding principle that may or may not ever be publicized. You might not have known these were the missions of these popular companies, but they should make sense and feed into your perception of the products each sells. 

Answer the following questions in your workbook to gain clarity around your purpose and mission.


Your Answer

What do you do, in broad terms? 

What industry do you serve?

Who do you serve? 

Why do those individuals or groups matter to you?

What do they need?

How did you get into this business?

Get detailed on how you’re connected to this customer, this product, or this effort.

Where do you operate from and does this impact your story?

What do you offer and why those products/services?

Why this industry?

Why not something else?

What’s going to be less broken in your industry now that you’re here to fix it?

What would your last client say was the motivator for them to work with you? 

Why did they pick you?

What’s your style, approach, energy, or attitude?

What’s true about your brand from the beginning, that’ll always be true?

Through this reflection, Maya realizes the following:

Brand purpose: My business exists as a beacon for other creators or companies that want to communicate complex topics in a visual and digestible way.

Brand mission: My business will transform the world of visual communications, one client at a time, by simplifying complex concepts into familiar symbols and usable visual cues.

Example: Sam Vander Wielen

Let’s check out this example from Sam Vander Wielen. Sam is an attorney-turned-entrepreneur:“You can boldly grow the business of your dreams without the legal ‘what ifs’ keeping you up at night.” 

Sam helps other freelancers secure their business interests from a legal standpoint, and her purpose is simple: to help make sure that these business owners aren’t limited by their fear of a legal misstep. Through her blog, templates, and DIY bundles, she aims to keep this accessible for all. 


  • Dug into the reasons behind your freelance business.

  • Identified why it exists, what you’ll achieve, and why it matters.

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