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How do I share this change with my clients?

Inform clients of new payment information

If there’s one thing freelancers are great at, it’s getting paid. And while many freelancers have a love-hate relationship with administrative housekeeping, it’s a necessary component of self-employment.

After setting up your account, take a breath and make sure your existing and new clients know where to send money. Then, you can do the fun stuff—like utilizing the cool features your new bank account offers.‍

Notify 3 types of clients about changes in payment.

  1. Clients with outstanding unpaid invoices that use ACH or other transfers to pay you (make sure they’re aware that the payment is due and to use your new bank account info for payments from here on out)

  2. Existing clients with future invoices (make sure to let them know about your new account info before sending out the next invoice)

  3. New clients (update any templatized communications, including your invoice template)‍

Here’s an email template to send clients about your new bank account info. Feel free to update it and make it your own in your workbook.

Hi [client],

I hope you’re well. I am updating you with my new bank account information. Please send all future payments to the account listed in the attachment starting from [date].

[Optional: The attachment is password protected, so please contact me directly for the code.]

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to continuing our partnership.


[Your name]

Pro tip: If choosing to send sensitive information like a direct deposit form over email, make sure you trust the client and send password-protected PDF documents.‍


  • You updated your bank account info with existing clients who have outstanding unpaid invoices and those you plan to send invoices in the future.

  • You updated any communication templates that may include banking information, so new clients are in the loop.

  • You protected all communications containing sensitive information to avoid bank account fraud.

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