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How can I leverage my bank account to get the most out of it?

Make a game plan and leverage your bank account features

What good is a bank account with all the best features if you don’t use it to its full capacity?

As a freelancer, it’s important to leverage the tools at your disposal, including your banking products. Not only does this help you get the most bang for your buck, but it also opens opportunities to scale without overburdening yourself. 

Now that you have set up your account, you can leverage it beyond the basics. From here, consider your long-term business growth goals and map out how to get there. (This playbook doesn’t dig into that, but rest assured Pollen is here to help you throughout your freelancing journey.)

Prioritize an action plan for banking improvements

Remember Step 2? You identified your need for a bank account. As you begin to utilize your account, don’t forget about those needs. Rather, enact solutions that cater to those needs.

This action plan offers potential solutions for those problems. Think of it like a menu of answers that you can pick from, or custom-make your own. This exercise will help you make improvements in your freelance business that align with your needs, ultimately helping you leverage your banking products to their fullest potential.

  • I want my business to feel more professional to my clients.

  • I want to reduce liability and protect my personal assets.

  • Tax season is extremely painful for me.

  • My payment and invoicing process are time-consuming.

  • I want to separate my business and personal finances.

  • My monthly income is erratic and I want to smooth it out.

  • I want to get access to funding for my business.

  • I want to automate or streamline my bookkeeping.

  • I want to protect my personal identity.

  • I want to monitor my business growth.

You made it! Before you even began the sign-up process for a business bank account, you clarified your approach, verbalized why you’re doing this, and laid out your needs for a business bank account.

  • You made the process easier by gathering all the paperwork and information you needed ahead of time.

  • You defined features you couldn’t live without and ones you really wanted, selecting a bank account based on that insight.

  • You applied for and set up a business bank account, and you leveraged it to its full potential! If this process proves anything, it’s that success—as a freelancer or otherwise—lies in the details.

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A community of peers building alongisde you
A community of peers building alongisde you
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