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Develop your brand vision

It’s completely normal to tackle every day as it arrives, get the immediate work done, and crawl into bed exhausted without having a plan for tomorrow. We get into this routine at home and in business.

Take a few steps back and picture yourself at work in six months, next year, or even many years from now…What type of growth can you imagine for yourself, your work, your business, and your brand? What do you hope to achieve? How will you measure success? 

Your brand vision is a statement about the imagined future of your freelance business, the community you serve, and the impact you’ll have. And together we’re going to develop that.

Identify your brand vision 

In this exercise, you’ll develop a clear image of the future of your business, where you’re trying to take your business, and what impact you hope to make. Start listing concrete achievements, milestones, or signs that you can work toward. And spend time thinking about what you might change, build, achieve, and enjoy.

In your workbook, answers these questions to identify your brand vision:


Your Answer

What past accomplishments, achievements, partnerships, or other “wins” would you like to see more of in the future?

What’s an audacious, crazy goal that you have for your business?

What are you going to be known for someday?

What are you abandoning from previous versions of yourself / your business / your work? 

What’s staying in the past?

What inspires and ignites you?

How do your favorite clients speak about you when you’re not in the room?

What grinds your gears about your industry?

What’s a good reason for people to be your customer?

What do competitors just not get right?

What would make someone proud to work for you?

From your responses to these questions, you’ll build a vision statement. We’ve a few templates to help you develop it.

I'll make the world a more  _____________ place. The future of [your business] is  ______________. I'll be the  _____________ of my industry.

Maya’s vision statement looks like this:

My business will make the world a more visually communicative place. The future of my business is more socially responsible, bold, and vocal, and I’m doing more work with the media. 


  • Thought about the future of your freelance business at different points in time.

  • Framed out a vision for your business.

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