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Craft consistent and impactful messaging

An elevator pitch is a short summary of you and your freelance business. This is how you make a first impression as a solopreneur! Simply telling people that you’re a freelancer isn’t going to be enough. You need to have a specialized message that you can use across different social media channels. Tailor your elevator pitch as needed to every client you communicate with.

Shoot your best shot with your target client

Let’s examine the following scenario:

A chocolate company needs a brand photographer for a new line they’re launching. Their art director posts a freelance job and sees their comment section fill with the following comments:

  • “I’m interested”

  • “Hi! I’m a photographer with five years of branding experience. You can take a look at my portfolio here [link]. I’d love to work with you! [portfolio link]

Who do you think is more likely to be contacted by their ideal client? Obviously, the person who provided information about what they do and why they’re the person to hire! 

If you see someone you’d like to work with, reach out! Your goal is to succinctly explain your value to the client so they consider hiring you. Think about your experience, the results you’ve achieved, and overall value. Write down your answers to these questions:

  • What results have you achieved for past clients? For example, did the landing page you design lead to more customers? Did the article you write lead to more traffic?

  • Why should clients want to hire you? For example, if you want to be hired as a freelance graphic designer, what sets you apart from everyone else?

  • What do you want to do? What type of services do you want to provide? Be specific. For example, if you’re a videographer, don’t just say that you offer videography. Say that you offer drone videography, video editing, and wedding videography.

Now, use what you’ve thought about through the above steps to write your elevator pitch. It should include:

  1. What you do

  2. Who you serve

  3. Why they should hire you

Next, write down your elevator pitch. Here’s an example of the structure you can choose:

  • Hello! I’m a freelance [professional title] and I’m available to [perform a specific service]. I have [X] experience, and I sent you an email from [email address]. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for your consideration! [Portfolio link]

  • I’m [Name] and I’m a freelance [professional title]. I specialize in helping [type of client] with [type of service]. I would love to collaborate with you! [Portfolio link]

  • Hi! I’m a freelance [title] who works with [ideal client] to solve [problem area]. I’d love to connect! You can reach me at [email] and [portfolio].

Shooting your shot may feel intimidating at first! But the more you do it, the more confident you will become. This also impacts your social profiles. You don’t want people who see you on Twitter to have a different impression of you and your business than people who find you on LinkedIn. Consistency builds your credibility.

Once you have your elevator pitch written, keep it handy as you will implement it across your social profiles throughout the rest of this playbook. I keep mine in my notes app for easy access.


  • Wrote your elevator pitch

  • Reviewed your social platforms to ensure they are consistent with your pitch and each other

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