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Build a routine around connecting with clients

Which freelancer do you think experiences the feast and famine cycle of freelancing?

Build searching for your ideal client into your schedule

Many freelancers fall into a feast and famine cycle because they focus on client work when they’re busy, and leave the marketing to the slow seasons. As a freelancer, you must regularly balance working on the business and in the business. Figuring out a cadence that works for you will take some experimentation. Your aim is to make marketing a weekly routine.

  • Review your schedule. Which days do you have less client work? What time of the day do you have more energy? Look for a day or time of day when you would have time to do some searching.

    • For example, what do you do on Fridays? If you’re not doing a lot of client work these days, use every Friday afternoon to search for your ideal client and do some marketing.

  • Decide how much time you want to dedicate to this. How much time do you have to promote your business? Identify two ways you can spend time sourcing freelance opportunities.

  • Start out slow. Unsure of how you’ll make this work? Incorporate sourcing opportunities into the end of your workday. Spend a half hour at the end of your workday looking for freelance jobs, or crafting posts to promote your business.

Follow up on previous efforts

The key to your success as a freelancer is all in the follow-up. Following up with potential clients keeps you top-of-mind and increases your chances of landing new work. Return to your rejection tracker and note who you need to follow up with. A well-crafted and personalized follow-up message can be the difference between landing a new client or never hearing from them again.

Trust me, you're not annoying anyone with a professional follow-up message! Clients need your services, and your message may come at just the right time. Keeping in touch helps clients remember you in the future when they're in need of freelance help.

Here’s an example of a personalized follow-up message:

Hi Jerry! 

I reached out a few months ago when you were looking for freelance writers. Do you still need help? I’m a freelance writer who can provide ghostwritten articles, blog posts, and other reported content.

[link to your portfolio]



And here’s a template you can take:

Hi [Name]!

I reached out when you were looking for freelance [job title] on [platform you found opportunity on]. Do you still need help? I’m a freelance [job title] to can provide [service 1] and [service 2]. You can see my work experience here: [link to your portfolio]

Thanks for your consideration! 


[your name]


  • How to follow up with potential clients

  • How to record your work in a rejection tracker

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