Make your independent career succeed
“Pollen consistently pushes its members to think about what's next. Whether it's redefining your brand, leveling up your pricing, or restructuring your business model, Pollen has a wealth of resources and experts.”
Kelsey – Content Marketer and Strategist
“Pollen has exceptional people who are all working on amazing projects, it's a fascinating place to meet others. Interacting with the community has been a great way to generate new business ideas and approaches.”
Sam – Finance, Product, Operations
“I'm still within my first year of business and to see where I was when I first started with Pollen to now it is almost a complete 180. I really have the team at Pollen and the community to thank for that.”
Ashley – Fractional Product Leader
“Pollen has been the best investment in my independent business over the last year! The sprints and events are invaluable—Pollen invites top-notch guests who offer incredible insight and expertise. That alone is enough to be a part of this community.”
Alexa – Brand and Marketing Strategist