March 22, 2024

Practical Guide to Success: Selling Strategy as a Service

Pollen Team
This article provides a practical guide for implementing a selling strategy as a service, offering insights and tips for success in this approach.
Practical Guide to Success: Selling Strategy as a Service

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Define Strategy as a Service: What it is and why it matters

Strategy as a Service is a consulting approach that involves providing strategic planning and execution as a service to businesses. It's about offering value through comprehensive planning, setting goals, and implementing actions to help businesses reach their objectives.

Why does it matter? Well, in today's fast-paced business environment, many companies struggle to develop and execute effective strategies. That's where you come in. By selling strategy as a service, you're offering a solution to these challenges — a way to help businesses stay competitive and successful.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • Strategy as a Service is a vital resource for businesses. By offering strategic planning and execution, you're helping companies to stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.
  • Selling strategy as a service is about offering value. It's not just about providing a service; it's about delivering results. That means understanding the needs of your clients and tailoring your services to meet those needs.
  • Strategy as a Service matters because it can make a real difference. As How to Successfully Sell Consulting Services points out, by selling strategy as a service, you're not just offering advice — you're providing a tangible solution to real business challenges.

In the next sections, we'll cover how to identify your target market, develop your unique selling proposition, and effectively market your Strategy as a Service. So, are you ready to take your consulting business to the next level? Let's dive in!

Identify your target market: Who needs Strategy as a Service?

Knowing your audience is the first step towards selling strategy as a service. So, who exactly needs what you're offering? The answer: quite a few businesses.

Firstly, start-ups and small businesses. These companies often have great ideas but may lack the strategic know-how to execute them effectively. They need help navigating the business landscape, identifying opportunities, and overcoming challenges.

Medium-sized businesses and corporations are also potential clients. While they may have more resources, these companies often struggle to keep up with the constant changes in the market. They need fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to stay competitive.

Finally, don't overlook non-profit organizations and government agencies. These entities also need effective strategies to fulfill their missions and serve their constituents.

But how do you reach these potential clients? Well, this is where marketing comes into play. As 6 Marketing Strategies for Independent Consultants suggests, you need to understand your target audience, tailor your message to their needs, and deliver it through the right channels.

But there's more to selling strategy as a service than just marketing. You also need to develop a unique selling proposition that sets your services apart. Let's explore that next.

Develop your unique selling proposition: What sets your Strategy as a Service apart?

Selling strategy as a service isn't just about identifying who needs it. It's about making sure they choose you over the competition. That's where your unique selling proposition (USP) comes in.

Your USP is the reason clients should choose your services over others. It's what makes you stand out from the crowd. Now, you might be thinking: "Well, that's easier said than done. How do I even start to determine my USP?" Let's break it down.

Firstly, consider your expertise. What areas do you excel in? Are you a whizz at content strategy, a pro at product positioning, or a master at market analysis? Your specific skills and knowledge can be a significant part of your USP.

Next, think about your approach. How do you tackle strategic challenges? Are you data-driven, do you rely on creative brainstorming, or perhaps you use a combination of both? Your unique approach to strategy can set you apart from the competition.

Lastly, don't forget about your values. What do you stand for? Are you committed to sustainability, social equality, or maybe innovation? Your values can resonate with clients and make them want to work with you.

As the How To Sell Yourself As A Consultant: 37 Ways To Present ... suggests, developing your USP requires deep introspection and a clear understanding of your strengths and values. But once you nail it, you will be better equipped to sell your strategy as a service and attract the right clients.

Next up, let's talk about how to market your Strategy as a Service effectively. Ready to dive in?

Market your Strategy as a Service: How to reach potential clients and close the deal

So, you've got your unique selling proposition nailed down. You're excited about your service and ready to show the world. But wait, where's the world? How do you reach your potential clients and more importantly, how do you close the deal? Don't worry; I've got some tips up my sleeve!

First, know where to find your clients. Are they hanging out on LinkedIn, attending industry conferences, or reading specific blogs and forums? You need to be where they are. And not just physically—also in terms of content. Provide valuable insights and show your expertise in the areas they care about.

Second, communication is key. Be clear about what you can offer and how it can benefit the client. Remember, it's not about selling a service; it's about solving a problem. The 6 Marketing Strategies for Independent Consultants and ... article puts it perfectly: "Clients buy solutions, not services."

Third, build relationships. People are more likely to buy from people they trust. Networking, referrals, testimonials—all contribute to building that trust. According to the 9 Effective Marketing Strategies for Consultants and Self ..., trust is a critical factor in the decision-making process.

Lastly, follow up and follow through. After initial contact, keep the conversation going. Provide additional information, answer questions, and show genuine interest in their business. And once you've closed the deal, deliver on your promises. The How to Successfully Sell Consulting Services article says it all: "Your reputation is your best sales tool."

Selling strategy as a service may seem daunting, but with your unique proposition and the right marketing strategies, you're well on your way to success. Ready to make your mark?

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