Personal Intros For Sales Calls
Ritika Puri
Build 10 introductions to use in any scenario you find yourself in.
By the end of this playbook
<p>In this playbook, we’ll walk through a framework for crafting a personal intro that helps you unlock new advancement opportunities in your freelance career. We’ll help make the process less intimidating and help you overcome imposter syndrome along the way. Throughout the chapters, there are exercises that you can carry through to adapt your introduction to different situations. </p>
<p>As co-founder of Storyhackers, Ritika helps organizations make better decisions, through storytelling. As humanity navigates uncharted terrain at accelerating speeds, people have the potential to become lost in a sequence of short-sighted decisions. That&#39;s why it&#39;s more important than ever for leaders at the forefront of innovation to tell stories and share knowledge in a creative and relatable way.‍</p><p>Ritika’s methods remix her training in writing, rhetoric, data science, and martial arts. Her goal in life is to bring out the best in everyone around her.‍</p>
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