Automate Taxes, Paychecks, Savings and Investments
Treyton DeVore
Set up time-saving automations for your taxes, payroll, savings and investments.
By the end of this playbook
<p>With this playbook, you’ll learn how to simplify the process for managing your business and personal finances by creating an automated system for withholding and paying taxes, saving money, making investments, and paying yourself. This new system will allow you to have clarity around your money and feel more confident in your financial situation. </p><p>The overall framework we’re going to walk through applies to anyone, but there may be unique aspects of your business that make one step more challenging than others, like taxes. You’ll want to test out some of the recommended tools and strategies and adjust over time where necessary.</p><p><i>Disclaimer: Nothing in this guide should be considered tax, legal, or investment advice as all content serves educational purposes only.</i></p><p> </p>
<p>Treyton is a creative entrepreneur, freelancer, and financial advisor. He was named a Top 100 Financial Advisor by Investopedia and has been featured in Morning Brew, Nerdwallet, and Marketwatch.</p>
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