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Get paid for the advice
you give

Turn your hard earned knowledge into low lift income.

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Uplevel the Freelancing Industry

Make your expertise
work for you

Earn extra income

Repurpose hard work you’ve already done into a playbook on Pollen. Sit back and collect royalties that go straight to the bank.

Grow a valuable network

Connect with engaged and ambitious people. When you create a playbook, you’ll get introduced to high quality peers and leads.

Maximize your  expertise

Monetize the freelancing skills you’ve worked so hard to gain and open a new revenue stream for you and your business.

Build your personal brand

Build your brand and get paid

When you join as a creator on Pollen, you join a community of high quality peers, collaborators, and potential customers. Build trust as a verified creator and get discovered by fellow solopreneurs and freelancers.

Build trust as a verified expert

Grow your online presence

Meet peers, collaborators, and customers

What pollen offers

A stunning experience on a simple  platform

Finally, a platform that matches the quality of your expertise. No more downloadable PDFs and hard-to-manage tools. Share your knowledge through Pollen's easy-to-build playbooks and let the payments roll in.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does this cost?

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We're still figuring that out. We encourage you to join the waitlist to make sure you don't miss out.

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Is this at a scheduled time?

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Pollen is completely asynchronous, meaning it is done at your own pace, on your own time. This is not a cohort program!

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How do you help me find a client?

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Through our onboarding process, we learn about your area of expertise and help you identify the right channel to land a project on.

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What is the time commitment?

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We flex to your availability and make your time more impactful. Generally, we recommend you have at least 2-3 hours / week to dedicate to your business.


Lead the freelance

Join a community of elite experts.

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